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Lockers for Schools

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Surely you have seen a foreign movie filmed in a school setting? Have you noticed the lockers appearing in a lot of scenes?

School lockers appears popular in countries around the world and this concept is evolving in Myanmar. ABS lockers are very popular in international and private schools in Myanmar because of the great benefits it brings.

Firstly, ABS lockers provide secure spaces for students to store their books and personal belongings, reducing their bag load and hence helping them avoid spinal diseases in their growing years. Secondly, schools can optimize the classroom space with the use of ABS lockers,  adding uniqueness and modern design with elegance. Thirdly, the use of lockers for schools helps students develop a healthy habit of safekeeping personal belongings at an early age, and reassures parents of the safety of that property.

Children can store their backpacks, books, food containers every morning in the lockers, reducing unnecessary weight on their developing bodies.

The outstanding advantages of ABS locker cabinets:
  • High strength, can withstand strong impact of external force, no distortion, increase the security of each individual student
  • ABS material is non-flammable, recyclable and environmentally friendly
  • Not moldy, breathable, easy to clean, not affected by chemical cleaning
  • Delicate design with no corners, ensuring safety for students, especially in the age of hyperactivity
  • Extensive locking system, easy to use for all ages
  • Cabinet size varies, suitable for students’ height from pre-school to university
  • Lightweight, easy to move and reposition
  • Bright and diverse color range, suitable for school spaces
ABS locker lines (C x R x S) and locks suitable for each school level:
  • Kindergarten: N4 (465 x 320 x 500) – holds books, backpacks, food
  • Comes with cabinets, the use of door handles will be suitable for children as they are unable to manipulate the cabinet and operate locks yet
  • Primary: W400 (465 x 382 x 500) – holds many large books and backpacks
  • There will be two options that the school can consider, one is the basic door handle for your child’s convenience or using 3S and DL-12 locks (wooden cabinets) under the guidance of teachers, the child can operate the lock and increase security.
  • High School – University: W600 (620 x 380 x 500) – Can divide compartments for many books and backpacks
  • For this age group, security is essential and students are well aware of how to operate cabinets with locks. Schools can  choose either 3S or DL-12 locks (cabinets).