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Be-Tech’s digital and cyber locker locks offers a maximum security measures to keep your valuable belongings safe and secure. It has a 3 levels of management security control with four types of operation modes. Be-tech’s locker digital and cyber locker locks applies to all of materials like ABS, PVC Plastic, Metal and Timber lockers.

Management Security Control
1st Owner Key
2nd Master key
3rd User code

Operation Modes Options

  • Temporary (One-time code)
  • Permanent
  • User code
  • User key + User code


Fault Tolerance Function
To open the locksets by pressing a random incorrect combination code followed by the correct pre-set code.

Incorrect Code Alarm
Provide a beeping alarms for 60 seconds after inputting 4 times of incorrect codes

Anti-thief Alarm
Equip with a back-up alarm that lasts for 60 seconds when latch are being pressed or picked

Illegal Key Alarm
Alarms will be activated after attempting  4 consecutive use of a illegal IB card

Low Voltage Alarm
Provide a back-up alarms that notifies the user to change the batteries

External Power Backup
Back-up battery case or 9 Volts batteries can be use to provide a temporary power I case of completely flat batteries.