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Locker & Lock® Metal Lockers series has the same design as the ABS cabinets to meet the needs and price range for customers.

The product is made of iron and molded to produce the best quality. After forming, the entire frame of the cabinet will be coated with electrostatic paint and a separate color paint for the door according to the customer's choice. The difference between metal locker and ABS locker is that the former is designed in the form of a monolithic column, each cabinet line is the same size as the M, N, W, T series but will form each separate column according to the number of separate cabinets line by line.

Because the design of Locker & Lock® Metal Lockers is inherited from the smart designs of ABS locker cabinets and remains the same size, choosing the locker for metal locker cabinets becomes easier with many popular lock options such as digital locks, mechanical locks, RFID lock.