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Heavy Duty Plastic Locker

Material: High-Density Polyethylene Warranty: 20 Years Strong & Durable UV Stable 6 Proofing: Water, Corrosion, Vandal, Ice-Spray, UV(Grade-8) Proof Temperature

Coin Locker

Coin lockers are available in either metal or ABS plastic material. Metal coin lockers are more common in dry areas and ABS coin lockers in wet areas or those

Metal Locker

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PVC Locker

PVC series is made up of engineering grade rigid PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) plastic material with coloured doors. Multiple locking options with keyless lock, keylock

ABS Locker

ABS locker offers a smart and modern storage solution suited for a variety of applications. This versatile locker is built to endure humidity and moisture